How to enter my Borneo Raffle

1) Decide whether you would like a paid route into the draw (£2 per ticket) or a free route (no charge for ticket) Both have the same chance of winning. The only difference being the proceeds from the paid route will go to my Borneo fundraiser.

2) Email me at with your name and contact information and I will provide you with a ticket and details of how to pay (paid entry route) or you can go straight to my go fund me page and pay for your ticket there Fundraiser by Miles Dowley : Borneo July 2024 (

3) On 08 October the draw will take place and the prizes awarded. All paid and free entries have the same chance of winning.

4) All winners will be notified and my website updated.

Thank you and good luck!

Terms and Conditions
1) Tickets remain available to purchase up to 12pm on Sunday 08 October
2) Participants must be 18 years or over and resident in the UK.
3) Maximum of 1 free ticket per person. No number restriction on paid tickets.
4) Participants must choose either the paid or free entry route into the draw
5) In the unlikely event the draw does not take place all tickets purchased will be refunded
6) Should a winner decide not to take a prize another ticket will be selected.
7) Once the draw has been completed and the prizes claimed all personal data held will be destroyed
8) Promotor: J.M.Dowley-3 Church Road, Stanton Upon Hine Heath, Shropshire, SY4 4NF